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Eustis Chair: About Us

Eustis Chair: About Us

Eustis Chair designs and manufactures hardwood country club chairs, dining hall chairs, library chairs, school chairs, funeral home chairs, as well as chairs for other high-use spaces. Our chairs are designed for elegance and comfort, and engineered for truly superior durability.


History of Eustis Chair

Eustis Chair designs and manufactures the most durable hardwood chairs and bar stools on the market today. Our company builds sustainable, stacking and non-stacking wooden chairs that last for decades. Eustis Chair has built the highest quality wood chairs proudly made in the USA since our humble beginning in 1989. Click here to learn more about our rich history.

Stacking hardwood chairs by Eustis Chairs in Memorial Hall at Harvard University
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Our Proprietary Joint

Robert H. Eustis, a retired Mechanical Engineering Professor from Stanford University, developed a new way to join two pieces of hardwood using concealed steel rods and space-age adhesives. This proprietary process is now known as the Eustis Joint®, and it creates a joint that is stronger than the hardwood used to build the chair. Click here to read more.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Eustis Chair manufactures sustainable products that are built to last. We do this by utilizing environmentally-friendly measures at every step of the manufacturing process. Click here to learn more about our commitment to the environment.


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